Bordeaux Wine Regions

About the Bordeaux Wine Regions

Producing over 700 million bottles of wine each year, the châteaux located within the Bordeaux Wine Regions are part of the largest wine-producing area in France. At over 120,000 hectares, this beautiful vineyard region has been producing top quality wine since as far back as the 1st century. As such, no visit to Bordeaux would be complete without a trip to a château to sample the famous grapes. There are a number of day trips to choose from, during which you can take a ride through the rolling hills of the Bordeaux countryside, taste the wines of Médoc, Saint Emilion or Sauternes and see the wine production process first-hand.

Helpful information about the Bordeaux Wine Regions

Located in the South West of France, you can reach the wine areas in under two hours by flying direct to Bordeaux International Airport. Wine trips in the Gironde area are numerous and you’re sure to find the right tour for you, whether you’re looking for the atmosphere of a large group or whether you’d prefer a small group or individual visit to the châteaux. You can find plenty of wine tours on the Bordeaux tourist office official website. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear during your tour as some of the historic towns you’ll be visiting, such as Saint Emilion, have charming cobbled streets.

If you need to brush up your knowledge of wine, head to La Cité du Vin, a massive, gold, decanter-shaped museum on the city riverbanks which will teach you all you need to know, with a glass of wine or grape juice to enjoy if you choose a tour.

Where to stay in Bordeaux for the Bordeaux Wine Regions

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Things to do near the Bordeaux Wine Regions

If you’re planning a visit to Bordeaux, you’ll find plenty to enjoy during your trip, including: the Grand Theatre, St. André Cathedral and the famous Monuments aux Girondins. If you’d like to discover more about the rich history of the area, spend some time in the Musée d’Aquitaine.

More information about the Bordeaux Wine Regions

To find out more information about the Wine Regions in Bordeaux, please contact the tourist office, where you’ll be able to find out more about the classification of the various Bordeaux wines, a map of the area, the various châteaux and how to find wine-tasting trips.

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