El Quatre Gats

Barcelona, Spain

  • 0034 936 309725
  • 4gats@4gats.com

Take a seat at El Quatre Gats in Barcelona. You could find yourself at a table once occupied by the world famous Pablo Picasso, a regular at the popular café. Having opened in 1897 it soon became a known meeting place for the Catalan elite. Artist Ramon Casas I Carbo, sculptor Julio Gonzalez and architect Antoni Gaudi have also been known to enjoy El Quatre Gats.

Situated in the Gothic Quarter, the restaurant is available for breakfast at 9am with a bar that is open 24 hours.

  • Breakfast from 9 to 11.30
  • Gastrobar from 11.30 a.m. to 24h
  • Restaurant 13h- 4pm / 7pm- 4pm

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