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Find accommodation and tickets for the world’s top events and attractions. Eventful Stays specialises in connecting guests with property owners around the world, and helping hosts make more from their property.

How it works for Hosts

It’s easy to list your accommodation with Eventful Stays, and once your listing is live, you pay no commission. Guests can contact you directly via our secure messaging service and what’s more, you can rest assured your listing will be visible to event goers looking for somewhere to stay on our website and social media channels.

How it works for Guests

Guests, take your pick! We have 1000s of rooms, apartments, flats, mansions and even yurts worldwide. Simply search by destination, event or attraction to see all availability in the area.  Message the host directly to confirm your stay and make final arrangements. Unlike other platforms we don’t charge any fees to the guest and you are free to pay the host directly.

Did you know?

  • The Eventful Stays Facebook Page reaches over 10 million people with extensive paid advertising
  • You could earn thousands of pounds more by advertising your property with Eventful Stays, tapping into the lucrative seasonal events market
  • You can set your own rates, depending on availability – charge more when major events are taking place nearby
  • We have been trading since 2010 and aim to be the world’s number one events and attractions site
  • Hosts pay no commission
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We aim to reply to all enquiries within 1-2 working days.

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Henley Royal Regatta

“Our spacious, contemporary self catering holiday home in Henley on Thames was the ideal place to stay for a number of our guests this year, most notably a £2,700 booking for a 9 night stay during the Henley Royal Regatta”

Cheltenham Racing Festival

“Our apartment is located right in the centre of Cheltenham’s most desirable market area of Montpellier with the Racecourse just under 3 miles away. We took over £900 in one rental booking during the event which allowed us to finally put a deposit down on a new car”

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